Multi-page website design for the Wittenberg Center for Reformation Studies. The project encompassed logo design, front design, and development.

Wittenberg is the birthplace of the Reformation where Martin Luther called for a return to the Bible and its gospel message of grace, faith, and gratitude. The renewal of theology and praxis unleashed by these powerful ideas swept Europe, reshaping the churches and universities of Western Christendom which embraced the Reformation, and even those which did not. All of these renewal movements were deeply connected by their common roots in Wittenberg. Therefore, the mission of the Wittenberg Center for Reformation Studies is to study this pivotal moment in history and trace its impact on ecclesiastical renewal in the various European lands of the Sixteenth Century and beyond.


Digital brand presence

What We Did

Web Design, Logo, Branding

A clean front end design
modernizing academia.

Formal academic websites are often cluttered and out dated. We aimed to give the Wittenberg Center a modern, and user friendly look that allows for easy navigation and study of the subject.

The Wittenberg Center is not only involved in research, it also offers students the opportunity to partake in selected courses. For the students and regular visitors we set up a cleanly structured blog with the most recent news.

Crest Design by Elizabeth Magee