We’re thrilled to showcase our collaboration with From Done To Dare with Arne Friedrich, a podcast about mindset, motivation, and life transitions. From the get-go, we were excited to help them boost their brand and take their podcast to the next level.

The podcast production and design process was where the magic really happened. We poured our hearts into crafting eye-catching cover art that draws listeners in from the start. Plus, we made sure the audio quality was top-notch for an immersive experience that keeps people coming back for more. We also went all out with strategic promotion across digital platforms.

Arne Friedrich is German football executive and former player who played as a defender. He formerly was the sporting director of Hertha BSC. He played 82 times for the Germany national team. Nowadays he focuses on his work within his own foundation, his podcast, and Bundesliga broadcasts with ESPN.


Podcast Production

What We Did

Podcast Production, Web Design, Graphic Design

Hosting on most popular channels

At Art House Social, we understand the importance of maximizing reach and accessibility for podcasts like From Done To Dare. That’s why we ensured that the podcast is available on all popular broadcast audio channels, including iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. Additionally, we optimized the podcast’s presence on YouTube, providing high-quality video episodes to cater to diverse audience preferences. By expanding distribution across multiple platforms, we’ve significantly enhanced From Done To Dare’s visibility and broadened its audience reach.

Socials and website functionality

For From Done To Dare, we took a minimalist approach to website design, focusing on a sleek and user-friendly layout that prioritizes ease of navigation. Our simple landing pages highlight the most recent episodes, ensuring that visitors can quickly access the latest content. We integrated all necessary information seamlessly, making it easy for listeners to find what they need without any unnecessary clutter. Additionally, the social media management strategy for From Done To Dare revolves around engaging content that sparks conversation and drives audience interaction.

Sample Episode

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