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Why Us?

Hi, Rachel here! I’m excited to introduce you to Art House Social – your gateway to elevated brand success through the power of social media marketing. With over five years of experience as a fashion photographer, my passion for crafting captivating visuals evolved into a burning desire to transform businesses through dynamic online presence.

What sets Art House Social apart? We’re not just content creators; we’re your strategic partners in realizing your brand’s full potential. I’ve joined forces with my husband, Philipp, a seasoned expert in film, marketing, graphic design, and web development, to transform Art House Social into your ultimate destination for comprehensive business enhancement.

Our dedicated team is fueled by a fervor for excellence and a deep commitment to storytelling. Our mission? To empower your business to soar to unprecedented heights through the unparalleled influence of social media.

Are you ready to discuss your aspirations and dreams? Let’s embark on a journey together to unlock the vast potential of your brand through our expert social media marketing services. Reach out today, and let’s make your business the next success story in the digital world.


– Rachel Jahn, Founder

Reach more people and grow your brand awareness.