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This past month we had the privilege of capturing this special day and collection with the Prewett family and @mysaintmyhero. Every Family Virtues Bracelet represents important virtues: purpose, strength, loyalty, authenticity, love, and fearlessness. 

Proceeds from the collection are donated to the Adullam International Ministries. Adullam International Ministries cares for at-risk children in the USA and overseas, providing a home and school for children born to incarcerated mothers. As young as 48 hours old, children and babies are rescued from lives of trauma, neglect, and poverty to be nurtured and protected in a loving Christian atmosphere. In addition, all of My Saint My Hero pieces are hand-woven by women rising above poverty. Every dollar spent on this collection makes a difference!

Follow @mysaintmyhero and shop the collection to support this amazing mission!